The overall objective of the project was “to strengthen institutional arrangements and build capacity within MoNRE and its provincial line departments in order to support the strategic investigation and management of regional water resources for efficient development so as to reach Vietnam’s Development Goals (VDGs)”. The specific objectives of the project were (i) improving water resources protection and strategic water resources planning; (ii) increased public awareness about the protection of water resources; and (iii) building Water Resource Management capacity amongst the staff of the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment/ Department of Natural Resource and Environment’ s. 

The Quang Nam Marine Protected Area (MPA) Project supports the establishment of Cu Lao Cham Pilot MPA and the GoV’s initiative to develop an MPA network. It provides experiences on sustainable management of marine resources in one of the most biologically diverse marine areas in Quang Nam Province and in Vietnam. The objectives of the project were to: develop MPA management tools for improved enforcement, community-based MPA management and environmental awareness; and build support among local resource users, women’s groups and other relevant stakeholders.

This project was a manifestation of the overall movement of ASEAN towards encouraging the development of service-based trade economies, as part of its general objective to promote economic growth through liberalisation. The project investigated and identified obstacles to this transition, and the final report recommended methods to facilitate deeper and continued liberalisation of trade in services within the ASEAN community. The main aims of this SDNAS were firstly to determine the capacity building needs required to open up trade in selected service sectors across both individual ASEAN Member States (AMS) and the wider ASEAN region, and secondly to propose an integrated work plan that recommends follow-up actions to address those needs. 

The program for access Improvement to Markets in the Eastern Region of East Timor Leste (AIM) directly supported the National Development Plan designed to facilitate the country’s economic and social development through the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the bridge network in potentially rich agricultural districts in the Eastern region, namely Viqueque and Lautern. The project was originally designed for 2.5 years until end of 2006 but was extended to the end of 2008 with an additional USD 700,000 contribution from the Government of Timor Leste.

The objective of the assignment is to provide GCF with a solid understanding of the: demand for information, advocacy and interest representation; level of actual interest representation and advocacy; and the current market for business development services (BDS) in the crafts sector in Ha Tay province.