Economist, Deputy Manager of Project Implementation Division

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien received a Bachelor degree in External Economics from the Foreign Trade University in 2009 and a Master degree of Economics in

International Trade and European Integration under the Erasmus Mundus Program in 2010.

Since joining Mekong Economics as an Economist, she has shown particular interest in the field of development. Combining her strong background in economics with broad experience in project implementation, she successfully manages and contributes to project outcomes.

Among her projects, Mrs. Hien has been involved in several impact assessments, including the “Third Rural Finance Social-Economic Impact Assessment Review”. She has also participated in Monitoring and Evaluation projects, such as the World Bank-funded “Red River Delta Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Monitoring and Evaluation, Component 2, Phase 1: Improved Hygiene Behaviour Local Monitoring Services”, as well as the Canadian Embassy-funded projects “Soc Trang Small And Medium-Sized Enterprise Development Project” and “Ha Tinh Agriculture Development Project”. Mrs. Hien has applied her skills in processing qualitative and quantitative data and information, as well as skills in project management. She is also experienced in survey management and is currently coordinating the “World Bank East Asia Pacific Enterprise Survey 2014”, which is taking place in 8 countries: Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, East Timor, Solomon and Papua New Guinea.


Mrs. Hien has demonstrated outstanding writing skills through high-quality reports and sound research papers. As a lead researcher, she worked on a position paper on the liberalization of the Vietnamese wheat market, which was commissioned by Austrade in 2011, as well as on a market research study of agribusiness in Cambodia.