The objective of the project was to produce a report of practical use to Australian and New Zealand firms who work in development across a range of areas (including engineering, infrastructure design, governance, and vocational education and training) with the aim of increasing knowledge of and access to job opportunities in the development industry. The report was presented at the ‘Developing Cambodia 2010’ seminar hosted by Austrade and NZTE in Phnom Penh.

The Community Based Rural Infrastructure Project’s development objective was “to reduce rural poverty in [up to 600 of] the poorest rural communes in 13 provinces in Central Vietnam by: (1) increasing the capacity of these communes for decentralized and participatory planning and management of development activities; (2) providing essential small-scale, community based infrastructures in these communes; and (3) generating direct income for the poor through providing construction employment.” The objective of this assignment was to provide advisory and implementation support services for the strengthening of the project’s MIS, and ensure that the project develops both progress and completion reporting formats that fully capture the project’s results (outputs and intermediate outcomes) across all three aspects of the project’s development objective.

The UNDP-Netherlands jointly-funded project to support the Machinery for the Advancement of Women to Mainstream Gender in National Policy and Planning with the specific output of “increased understanding of emerging gender issues” sought to evaluate the effects of Vietnam’s economic integration on women. The aims of the research were to find out the disparities between men and women, and other critical gender issues in the economic integration period and other issues of concern in key sectors for macro-level policy attention. The study focused on the key sectors of garments and footwear, where women’s participation is significant.