AIP Foundation’s mission is to reverse the trend of the rising number of traffic fatalities in developing Asian countries, starting in Vietnam, and to raise awareness of AIP’s social, economic, and human impact.  AIP has implemented a number of campaign and helmet awareness activities in Vietnam.  This impact assessment was designed to evaluate the achievements of AIP’s activities in Vietnam, with a specific focus on the Vietnam Child Helmet Wearing Campaign between January 2009 and May 2009.

This study compiled essential up to date information and data on the knowledge, attitudes and practices of different target groups in the provinces of Cao bang and Son La regarding several health topics. The survey results allowed for comparison with the baseline result in order to draw conclusions concerning the effectiveness and impacts of project activities.

Since 02/09 GIZ supports the implementation of the Vietnamese strategies to improve access to quality health services for all strata of the population aiming at improving the general health status of the population in a programmatic approach. The overall goal of the Program ‘Support to Decentralized Health Systems in Vietnam’ is that the population in selected provinces, especially the poor and disadvantaged groups, have improved access to decentralized, needs-based and quality assured health care services. GIZ is using a results-based-monitoring system (RBM) in order to measure the impact of project’s activities over time. To collect the necessary data, a baseline survey has been performed by Mekong Economics in 2010. For reporting purposes at the end of phase one of the program, a second round of data needs to be collected using the same methodology and instruments employed for the baseline assessment. The objective of the consultancy is to collect a second round of data and information valuable for the results-based-monitoring (RBM) system of the program ‚Support to Decentralized Health System’ in Vietnam according to the indicators defined.