Support to Freshwater Aquaculture' (SUFA) was one of five components under the bilateral FSPS. The immediate objective of the SUFA component was: Increased consumption and income from sustainable freshwater aquaculture by rural communities. 'Support to Brackish Water and Marine Aquaculture' (SUMA) was another of five components under the bilateral fisheries sector programme support. The immediate objective of the SUMA component was: Strengthening administration and management practices to supply marine aquatic products through environmentally and socially sustainable aquaculture development.

The overlying challenge of the Vietnamese government is the creation of a “fair, level and competitive playing field for all enterprises, state and private, domestic and foreign” in line with the country’s Comprehensive Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy. The Business Sector Programme Support (BSPS) funded by the Danish Government aims to address major issues to create an enabling and fair environment in particular for private businesses.