Pro-Poor Partnerships for Agro-forestry Development Project (3PAD) in Bac Kan province aimed to achieve sustainable and equitable poverty reduction and to improve the livelihoods of the rural poor in mountainous areas of Bac Kan Province. The project established an Agribusiness Promotion Investment Fund (APIF) with a total value of USD 2 million in financial support to provide up to 49% of its capital, including tax for public commodities generated from investments in Bac Kan Province. APIF aimed to create a premise for participation of the private sector in the province’s development in order to improve livelihoods; thereby transforming the traditional farming model to commodity-oriented, semi-commercial agriculture system. This transformation was essential to market development including supply chain and value chain improvement.

The Community Based Rural Infrastructure Project’s development objective was “to reduce rural poverty in [up to 600 of] the poorest rural communes in 13 provinces in Central Vietnam by: (1) increasing the capacity of these communes for decentralized and participatory planning and management of development activities; (2) providing essential small-scale, community based infrastructures in these communes; and (3) generating direct income for the poor through providing construction employment.” The objective of this assignment was to provide advisory and implementation support services for the strengthening of the project’s MIS, and ensure that the project develops both progress and completion reporting formats that fully capture the project’s results (outputs and intermediate outcomes) across all three aspects of the project’s development objective.