The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) has been appointed to carry out the research project entitled “Measuring the Economic Benefits of Competition”. Five countries (Kenya, Zambia, Ghana, Vietnam and Pakistan) and four markets (sugar, beer, cement and mobile phones) have been chosen as the focus of analysis. In 2009 these four markets were analysed in each country.  The analysis in each case examined the policy context, business environment, degree of competition and market outcomes. During the analysis, missions took place in each country for two weeks and were attended by two to three team members from the UK.  During the mission, the team met with the relevant competition authorities, regulators, trade associations, market players, consumer associations, researchers, advocacy groups and other relevant parties to discuss the project and obtain information.  After the mission, a country-specific report was written covering each of the four markets. On completion of all five country missions a final report was prepared, bringing together and comparing the market findings from each country. The dissemination phase consisted of presenting the findings to relevant stakeholders in each of the countries studied.

The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) had been working with the Rural Poverty and Environment (RPE) initiative within IDRC to develop a research agenda that supports poor, rural households to engage more successfully with global economic processes. The ODI managed the implementation of a research theme which aimed to integrate poverty and environmental concerns into value chain analysis. This research involved supporting researchers, civil society and entrepreneurs wanting to undertake action research on one or more pro-poor, natural resource-based value chains in disadvantaged regions in Africa and Asia.