Economic Reform and Development of the Market Economy (WiRAM)” is one of the three priority sectors of Vietnam-German Development Cooperation. The overall framework for the cooperation in this sector was set by the official WiRAM Strategy Paper, which – after consultations with the Vietnamese Government – was officially approved by both sides in October 2002. The paper defined SME promotion and financial services development as a key priority, together with economic reform and vocational training. A mission to “Elaborate an Implementation Strategy for the focal area Economic Reform and Market Development” was carried out in March 2003. The mission confirmed that the area of SME Promotion and Financial Systems Development is a priority field under “WiRAM”, which is the centre of the cooperation activities. In the context of this mission, the option was considered to work in close coopera­tion/part­ner­ship with a planned EU-Vietnam Private Sector Support Program (sub-component to create an enabling environment for private sector growth at provincial/municipal level).