The Master in Development Economics (MDE) is a two-year full-time degree taught in English by Vietnamese lecturers who have been trained abroad and by visiting lecturers from abroad. The curriculum focuses on applying economic theory to the policy challenges facing Vietnam. The project began in 1995, and since 2002 has become financially self-sustainable. The more than 200 alumni are highly valued and work in many Vietnamese Ministries, Institutes and Universities. See

The Policy Briefing Kit on Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Vietnam provided an overall picture of the current situation of SME development in Vietnam. Included in the kit was information on the performance of SMEs, relevant legislation, donor projects (closed, current and pipeline), and key officials and academics relevant to the sector. A file of media clippings with over 60 relevant articles from English language newspapers and journals was also included, along with a small number of library and internet addresses where information on SME development in Vietnam can be found. The Policy Briefing Kit was intended to be a helpful document for researchers, policy makers and potential donors with an interest in SME and private sector development in Vietnam